Sunday, June 7, 2009

A shabby Chest transformed into a wonderful decorative piece of furniture.

This was an antique chest with no drawers. I could not find matching drawers so I decided to make doors. I measured and cut the doors out of a ¾ inch oak. I then painted 1x1 strips of wood black, cut to size and screwed to the door giving them a finished edge.

To make the inside more functional I added a slide out drawer using kitchen drawer brackets and 3/4 inch oak piece of wood. The back is a piece of ¾ inch oak. I measured the width of the chest and cut the oak wood to fit nicely in back. I then used a Jig saw and cut the curves on top. I added molding around the edges to give it a finished look and it also makes the wood look very thick. To add more stability and a decorative look I added the side brackets. I connected them to the back piece and the chest. I measured out all the shelving and the wooden beams that I cut from a wooden crib. I painted the beams and the shelving black before attaching them to the back. I attached the back with 1x1 strips of wood going from the top all the way down to the bottom of the legs. Before attaching the shelves, I stained everything to make sure it all matched in color. The ending result.



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Antique Booth

Since my booth is in an Antique Mall I try to stick with original, vintage and antiques pieces. When I bring furniture home, I really try to think of a way I could make it an original piece. I want it to look like something you will not find anywhere else.