Friday, June 5, 2009

A great way to showcase pictures

This is an old house window made out of wood. I wanted to prepare this window for a fresh new coat of paint. I started by scraping and sanding all to old flaky and chipped paint off. When I started to sand it, it reviled all these wonderful colors. It was the history of that window and how many times it has been painted over the past seventy-five years. I decided not to paint it, but to leave it showing all the history.

I then got some etching paint. I taped down a stencil to the class and applied the etching paint as directed on the jar. When I removed the paint and the stencil I had this great etching. I printed out some great summer photos and applied them to the glass I didn't etch.
This is defiantly a one of a kind window.

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Antique Booth

Since my booth is in an Antique Mall I try to stick with original, vintage and antiques pieces. When I bring furniture home, I really try to think of a way I could make it an original piece. I want it to look like something you will not find anywhere else.