Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I re-purposed a coffee table

It is fun to re-purpose something old into something usable. My project went from this ....
To, this...
This coffee table is very out dated and has a terrible green coat of paint on it. I decided that this table would look better as a bench instead of a table.
I had some old fence posts that I cut down to the right size and used them for the back of the bench.
I laid the fence pieces down on the ground in a couple of different patterns to see how they looked. I liked the overlapping pattern the best. Once I decided what pattern I wanted I braced them all together with wood and screws. I had some leftover pieces of wood that I used for the decorative sides. I used a jig saw to cut out the curves.

I had to cut a small amount of wood off one side of the table so the fence would sit flush against a large part of the wood. This is to give the back stability. I then screwed everything together and painted it.
 I put two coats of paint on it. 
For a finishing touch I made the cushion.  A four foot cushions usually costs about $50.00 and up. I made this cushion for 11.00. The material I used to cover the cushion is a shower curtain. I found it for 5.00. I thought the pattern would match well with the whole look. If anyone has every made pillows before, knows that stuffing is very expensive. I was not going to pay $25.00 for stuffing this cushion. I went to Big Lots and got two of their pillows for $3.00 each and used them to stuff the cushion.
I had this brass bow in my junk drawer forever. 
It finally came in handy. 

The table cost me $7.00, the cushion cost me $11.00 and I used about $2.00 in paint. So this bench cost a total of $20.00 to make.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Transformations for my Shabby Chic Inspirational Antique booth

Yesterday I worked on some very cut furniture pieces that I just got. I transformed them from drab to fab!!!

The first one I transformed is this Antique chair. It had a broken cane seat and very dark and dingy finish. I painted it heirloom white and added a cushion seat.  Here are some Before and After pictures. 

The Chair, Before!
 The second piece was a plain pink wooden bin. I painted it heirloom white and added a shabby chic embellishment.

The Bin, Before!

The third piece was a plain white book shelf with no backing. I know I wanted to put a back on it and put something decorative, I just didn’t know what. Then I remembered I had some old wooden picket fence pieces that would look great for a backing. This turned out so cute.



Sunday, August 8, 2010

New items in my Shabby Chic Inspirational Antique Booth.

My Shabby Chic Inspirations Booth has some new items. There have been some changes in my booth since the last time I posted about it. A cute Antique snack table and a shabby chic sofa table are some of the new furniture items.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sale in my Shabby Chic Inspirations booth.

The past two day I have been loading up my booth at Sugar Bears Antique Mall with all kinds of treasures.  This weekend there is a store wide sale and my booth #34 is going to have 10% off everything.
Black table with two chairs $110.00
Oval table with brass feet and Glass top $45.00
Water Basin $45.00
Picture $19.00
6 glass flowers in a crystal vase $39.00
Antique Fostoria Glove box, soap dish and hand towel plate. $45.00


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Transformation from a sticker to a hand painting

This is one of my treasures I found recently. I loved the solid wood tray but I didn't like the sticker picture on it. I decided to sand the picture off and repaint it back on by hand. Now it is a hand painted scene.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shabby Chic Inspiratins and many new items in my booth.

I am really starting to accumulate some great items for my Shabby Chic Inspirations booth. I really enjoy decorating. This is a creative decorating outlet for me. I will decorate any chance I get and I love all styles. Since my booth is in an Antique Mall I try to stick with original, vintage and antiques pieces. When I bring furniture home, I really try to think of a way I could make it an original piece. I want it to look like something you will not find anywhere else. My 6x6 booth is quite challenging to decorate because of the small space. I like everything to have a cohesive look with all the items complementing each other. I don't want it to look like things were just put in there to sell.

Last week my booth looked like this.

A whole new look and a complete change for this weeks Shabby Chic Inspirations booth. 
Thank you everyone for e-mailing me about the items in my booth.  I am unable to respond back to some e-mails.  Please include your e-mail address with your questions and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.
If I have not gotten back to you by now, please e-mail me again. 
Thanks so much.

Antique Booth

Since my booth is in an Antique Mall I try to stick with original, vintage and antiques pieces. When I bring furniture home, I really try to think of a way I could make it an original piece. I want it to look like something you will not find anywhere else.